Research development innovation for large companies

We know as we are professionals who worked for large corporations, that a huge company that is present in a large number countries’ economy, even though it is a capital-strong and often a driving force for the economy, can only make slower changes due to its size.

By the 21st century, however, we have come to the state where such large companies do not have time to wait for administration time because continuous innovation and emerging new technologies require up-to-date solutions to customers’ problems.

A startup, on the other hand, has a small size and dynamically developing potential for rapid change and offers acute solutions to market changes.
With Open Innovation, Quantum Space is able to increase the efficiency of large enterprise research and development projects by utilizing startup methods for the development of large companies. We do this so by incubating startups that match the goals of a given company, and create dynamically and quickly scalable development teams, or we even build their own startups.

This way large companies can accelerate their innovation processes, thus can keep their market leader position in this rapidly changing and renewing world.