About us

The Open Innovation Lab was launched in April 2017 by a progressive and enthusiastic innovation team in Budapest. The team members are mainly professionals in startup incubation or large-scale marketing. Our goal is to start large-scale businesses with bases in London and Budapest with innovative startup methodologies.

The platform and startup base is provided by the program called “Startup Campus Budapest”, which is going to become Hungary’s leading startup innovation center soon.

The pilot program was launched in 2017 in the inner courtyard terrace and offices of the Roosevelt House of Business office building in downtown Budapest, and in summer 2017 our London popup base was opened in the Rainmaking Loft near the Tower and it supports the operation of 4-5 domestic experimental startups in London. The program also includes the Startup Campus program’s other startup incubation sites, such as Debrecen and Győr.

The members of the startup and pilot program team are:
• DR. DOBOS KLÁRA – European innovation and legal expert, lawyer
• FARKAS TIBOR (CEU) – marketing and sales specialist, market expert
• VÍZVÁRDY BENCE – creative expert, expert in communication interface and dissemination of enterprise programs
• KATONA BENCE – Head of “Startup Campus Budapest” and expert in startup methodology
• MISKOLCZY CSABA – project initiator, one of the Experts in Implementation of Open Innovation Knowledge in Hungary

Team members in the popup office in London, working on pilot markets, launching local startups and engaging in big business in the UK:
• JAKAB LUCA (Google Program and Imperial College)
• NAM VO (Hardvard University)
The team will be further expanded in 2017. Our team is looking for applications for innovation specialists, university researchers or teachers who are open to participating in a domestic implementation and experiment on a new innovation methodology.
More information and application:
csaba.miskolczy ((at)) quantumleap.hu